Orthodox Saints Quote About Love

how orthodox saints quote about love

The most orthodox saints quote about love in a very special way. In their own words, they believe that love is a virtue and self-sacrifice is a sign of love. A prime example is St. Bridget of Sweden, who was born into a wealthy family. She married Ulf Gudransson at the age of thirteen and had eight children. Eventually, she was made the patron saint of Sweden and Europe and the patron saint of widows.

St. Silouan the Athonite

St. Silouan the Athene quotes about love are a source of inspiration and comfort for those who struggle with the question “Do you love?” In his book The Soul of a Man, he explains that love is an essential characteristic of the soul. When it is missing, man runs afoul of himself. He begins to blame others and God, while also despise his brother.

The experience of Hell was something that St. Silouan experienced many times during his life. He felt the torments of Adam, who was cast out of Paradise. During his fifteen years of intense suffering, he lost his vision and his heart. After enduring these experiences, St. Silouan was near despair, but a word from God helped him overcome his despair. God encouraged him to learn humility, a virtue he later mastered.

Likewise, love for the neighbor is another form of freedom. While earthly orders have their limitations, the love for God is the only thing that is truly important. This is also a way to avoid pride. And if you want to avoid pride, then obey and receive the grace of the Holy Spirit.

St. Bridget of Sweden

The orthodox saints emphasized the importance of love and sacrifice. One such example is St. Bridget of Sweden, who was born to noble parents. At the age of seven, she had a vision of Jesus in his passion, and since then, she has been deeply devoted to the Savior. When she was thirteen, she married a prince named Ulf Gudmarsson. Their marriage lasted for 28 years, and they had eight children. Their piety made them both saints and popular figures.

Saint Bridget died in 1373. The Pope named her the patron saint of Europe. The church considers her the patron saint of Sweden. Her feast day is 23 July, the day of her death. However, her feast day was originally seven October. This was changed after her canonization in 1391.

Bridget was an exemplary woman of love and compassion. Her marriage to a young prince ended in a happy marriage. She raised eight children, including St. Catherine of Sweden, and served the poor. In addition, she founded the Order of the Most Holy Savior. She also built a double monastery at Vadstena. She also fought for the return of the Popes from Avignon.

In the orthodox tradition, St. Bridget of Sweden is venerated on the Octavian calendar, which is based on the Celtic calendar. Its patronage extends to Australia, Germany, and Sweden. A May chapel is named for her, and a memorial stone is erected in her honor next to the Skederid Church, which was founded on her family’s land.

St. Thomas Becket

St. Thomas Becket’s story has become famous all over the world. His life is a testament to the power of love. His love for God and his family made him a hero-saint in modern times. However, his story is not entirely uplifting. His story is not without its controversy, but it also helps us understand the power of love.

Becket was known by the upper classes of England, but they did not like him. He was ambitious and had no gift for compromise. He was also a petty, self-serving man. He wished to be wealthy and affluent, so he began seeking opportunities to make money. He accumulated a private fleet of three ships. He later gave one of them to Henry, as a gift.

Henry VIII, the king of England, named Becket as the archbishop of Canterbury. He was Henry’s closest friend and was an important figure in England’s history. He was able to annul inconvenient marriages and even lend Henry money from the Church’s treasury.

In his last years, Becket was murdered in Canterbury cathedral. He was a priest and an archdeacon before being made archbishop of Canterbury and chancellor of England. Henry made him archbishop, but he warned Henry that he might not accept Henry’s intrusions into the Church’s affairs. This caused him to step down as archbishop, and his followers took turns whipping him.

St. John Chrysostom

Love is a word given by God to man to describe his relationship with Him. But many people misuse this word and use it for earthly things instead. In fact, the only love that counts is the love we have for God. And this love should be greater than our love for any human being.

Love is not conquered by anger. It softens and pacifies even the most brutal enemies. It is rewarded by God.

St. Nicholas of Myra

As a Christian, St. Nicholas of Myra had a special relationship with love. He was an archbishop of Myra. He also served as the archdeacon of Rhodes. The story of Saint Nicholas’ life is quite remarkable. According to legend, he once prayed for a sailor who fell into the sea and was rescued. The miracle of his intercession saved many people.

The early Christian saint was born around 280 C.E. and later served as a bishop in Myra, a major Lycian city east of Patara. His life story is filled with miracles, including predicting a huge storm and warning the crew of the devil’s swarming on the ship. He also prayed for the salvation of the ship and its occupants.

St. Anthony of Padua

St. Anthony of Padua was a great preacher and finder of lost things, but he was also an ardent, tireless preacher. At a time when many of his fellow orthodox saints were falling into false teachings, he earned the title “Hammer of Heretics” and wrote a series of sermons to educate his fellow clergy. Among his many writings, St. Anthony composed several concordances and explanations of the Sunday readings. His aim was to teach his fellow preachers what they should say in order to keep their congregation and faith alive.

While most people associate St. Anthony with love, he was also a great supporter of poor people. Despite his poor circumstances, he became an intercessor for the poor and sick. He was once confined to a mental hospital and devoted his life to serving the poor.

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