Orthodox Saint Joseph – Patron Saint of Fathers, Workers and Immigrants

orthodox saint joseph

In Greek Orthodox tradition, St. Joseph is the patron saint of fathers, workers and immigrants. His life is full of love and sacrifice. He also stands for unity and reconciliation. He is also considered the patron saint of immigrants, who are part of the Holy Family. To honor this holy man, the people in these categories are encouraged to pray and fast.

St. Joseph is the patron saint of fathers

Saint Joseph is the patron saint of fathers, families, and workers. He is considered a model father. He is also the patron saint of emigrants and travelers. His intercession for all people is very powerful. Among other things, his fatherhood reflects the love and steadfastness of God.

Joseph’s life was both active and contemplative. While the Gospels do not mention the words that he spoke, his actions indicate deep contemplation. The Fathers of the Church emphasized the role of St. Joseph in the life of the Holy Family, and eventually named him patron of the Church.


On January 7, 2003, nearly 150 recent immigrants gathered in the Chicago parish of Saint Joseph. The congregation was led by Bishop Job, Bishop of Chicago and the Midwest. At the service, he explained the meaning of Orthodoxy and Catholicism, and the importance of community.

The orthodox saint Joseph is a renowned saint who performed many miracles, including driving demons from people’s souls, healing blind people, and making water flow from barren earth. Born in the Greek island of Paros, Joseph began his life as a youth working in Pireaus. At age seventeen, he began fasting in the countryside, where he met great monk Father Arsenios. Later, he entered a monastery on Mount Athos, where he was tonsured.


The Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker is a day to celebrate laborers and their rights. The feast was instituted by Pope Pius XII in 1955 to celebrate the dignity of human labor. It coincides with the International Labor Day, which celebrates the rights of workers worldwide. Archbishop Charles John Brown, the Papal Nuncio in the Philippines, will preside over a high mass today at 9 a.m. in Quezon City.

The orthodox saint Joseph is a man who was given a noble task. He took care of Mary and the infant Jesus, but was also a carpenter. He interceded for the Church and prayed for faithful service and the fulfillment of God’s plans.

Immigrants are a part of the Holy Family

According to orthodox Christianity, Saint Joseph is the protector of the Mystical Body of Christ. He was the one who rescued the infant Jesus from Herod. As a result, he is a patron saint of fathers, immigrants, and workers. He is also a patron of the Universal Church, and is often referred to as “the domestic church.” He has many titles, and is very powerful in his intercession. He shows great love and care for his children, and the church that he founded.

Saint Joseph’s life was both active and contemplative. Although the Gospels do not include his words, his actions indicate that he was deeply contemplative. Because of this, the Fathers of the Church have made him a patron of the whole Church.

He was a carpenter

The orthodox saint Joseph was a carpenter. He was the betrothed husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus. The New Testament does not mention his name, but describes him as a carpenter who was a just man. He is also unknown when he died, but it is believed that he died before Jesus began his public ministry. In the Bible, Joseph is only mentioned once, in connection with the journey to Jerusalem when Jesus was twelve years old. It is not clear when Joseph died, but an apocryphal History of Joseph the Carpenter states that he died at the age of 111. There is no other mention of the carpenter in the New Testament until after the birth of Jesus, but many Christians believe that he died at a young age.

Joseph was a carpenter, but he was also a servant of God. He was chosen by the Lord to be a part of the Incarnation. After a heavenly sign revealed Mary’s virginity, the angel appeared to Zachariah’s rod. Upon discovering the hidden jewel in Mary, he was called to bring her to God. In the end, he fulfilled the Law of God for the sake of the Saviour Jesus.

He fell asleep in the Lord

The Orthodox saint Joseph fell asleep in the Lord on the ninth day of his life. He was a priest and a monk. He preached spiritual sobriety and temperance. He wore simple tattered garments and bast shoes made of bark.

Joseph was a deeply religious man. He had many dreams involving Mary. At one point, he realized that an angel had visited him. This angel was the messenger of God. This realization led Joseph to name the child Jesus.

He was a member of the House of David

Saint Joseph was a member of the House (lineage) of David and of the line of Mary. The royal bloodlines of these two people paved the way for the birth of Jesus Christ, the savior of mankind. Jesus’ birth was a sign that God had called him. He chose Mary as his wife, and Mary gave birth to Jesus, a descendant of the House of David. This royal heritage ties the House of David to the Ruler of Heaven.

According to Jewish tradition, a son of David will be able to inherit his father’s house. The lineage of David also included the prophets Samuel. The prophet Samuel had given King David the authority to lead the people of Israel. He also preserved the covenant of God. Yet King David was a sinner, and his kingdom was a potential target for destruction.

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