Common Orthodox Church Quotes

orthodox church quotes

Whether you are Catholic, Orthodox, or any other Christian denomination, you can find many inspirational orthodox church quotes. They are full of great wisdom that will encourage you to follow Jesus. Here are five of our favorite orthodox church quotes: Love, Obedience, Magnanimity, Patience, and Mercy. If you are new to the church or have never been in a service, take a look at these words from the Orthodox Church.


If you’re seeking Christian inspiration, read these quotes about the Orthodox Church. We all want to be more like God, and the orthodox church is a great place to start. These words speak of love for God and the fellow Christian, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. This list includes quotes from some of the most important church leaders. Read on to find out why the Orthodox Church is so important.

Love is the mother of all blessings. It brings peace and unanimity. It brings unimaginable goods to the world. In its purest form, it never takes offense or keeps track of evil. Love bears, believes, hopes, and endures. Without love, you’re like a city without walls. Love is the mother of all virtues. You’ll never be without it, and you’ll be surrounded by it.


Orthodox church quotes on obedience are common, yet rarely used. These quotes are often interpreted as meaning that Christians are not supposed to act in a certain way. For example, Elder Ephraim of Arizona, who is a prominent member of the Orthodox Church, once referred to his role as a prophet. Elders are to be obeyed because they hold the authority to reveal God’s will. Unfortunately, there are few true elders left on this earth. Therefore, if you see such people in your area, you may want to reconsider your membership.

While observing the laws of God, Christians must always obey the commandments of God. The Bible is clear about this. It is also clear that Christians should not disobey the will of the devil. In this regard, orthodox church quotes on obedience stress that believers should not follow their desires. If we do not obey God, we will not follow His will, and the results of this will be very bad for us.


In a few quotes of orthodoxy, you will find the idea of magnanimity. Magnanimity is the desire to do good and to do it well. This principle calls for power and effectiveness and it transcends personal gifts and abilities. As such, magnanimity is a meta-virtue. People who practice it become a great example of faith and compassion. We can emulate such great people.

The aforementioned Slavorum Apostoli quote emphasizes the idea of perfect communion. It preserves the Church from racial prejudice, ethnic exclusivity, and nationalistic arrogance. The idea of perfect communion has been echoed time and again by St. John Paul II, although he was not specifically addressing the Orthodox. In fact, he argues for the necessity of communion among all Christians.


One of the spiritual fruits is patience. Christ was patient. This virtue involves waiting for God through trials and tribulations, and it means putting up with oneself and others. Patience is a spiritual virtue, cultivated gradually in the Spirit. It requires daily efforts to fulfill God’s commandments and do His will. If you want to grow in patience, you must first understand what this virtue is.

The Fathers of the Orthodox Church stress the importance of patience. According to St. Peter of Damaskos, a person who loves God shows patience in suffering, and this patience allows him to become strong in God’s will and overcome his own natural weakness. People who do not recognize their weakness and incline to be stubborn and proud do not love God. The Apostles also urge us to be patient.

Unhypocritical love

Having unhypocritical love is one of the core principles of Orthodox Christianity. The Orthodox Church has strived to preserve the truth taught by Jesus and the apostles, while preserving the experience of living communion with God. To achieve this goal, the Orthodox Church has produced many saints who have experienced the heavenly life while on earth. In this book, you will find some of these saints’ quotes.

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