My Experiences With God

my experiences with god

As with any relationship, our experience with God can often fluctuate; one day it may feel as if we know him intimately while on another we may doubt whether He exists at all. The key is developing a two-way dialogue with him and never become complacent with our understanding.

Experiences played an instrumental role in reinforcing and deepening participants’ faith, often prompting tangible feelings of God’s presence.

I have a feeling of peace

Anxiety-free prayer life is one of the hallmarks of true faith. Achieve greater peace is like working out at a gym; with each rep you increase both your strength and endurance.

Feelings of peace can come from many sources, but the most likely cause is spending time with God and studying His word (the Bible). Being at peace with yourself often indicates cleansing from past sin through Jesus Christ’s blood; to experience this fully it’s best to approach him with an earnest plea to forgive your past offenses and receive forgiveness for your misdeeds.

Imagine having a crush on someone and becoming friends for some time – knowing his name, where he lives, his interests etc – yet still feeling as if there’s something missing in terms of spending more time together and knowing them better – spiritual encounter is one way of doing just that!

I have a feeling of love

Experience God can come in various forms; one such way is the feeling of love. Although this type of emotional experience can be felt by people of different types, it should not be seen as a guarantee that salvation has come or that love will continue indefinitely.

One of the most memorable accounts was Blaise Pascal. A scientist and mathematician, Pascal had an extraordinary encounter with God that left an impression upon him that was later discovered after his death. After writing down some notes relating to it and sewing them inside his coat lining.

If you want to experience God more fully, seek Him in new ways. Though initially uncomfortable, over time this process will allow His Presence to fill every part of you like muscles in a gym.

I have a feeling of comfort

There have been times in my life when God has seemed distant or silent; during these periods of difficulty, I needed comfort from Him that wasn’t based on feelings or circumstances but on His revealed truth. Reading Isaiah 40:1-11 can provide the comfort you need. It speaks of His glory, eternity and tenderness while teaching how we can receive His true comfort rather than sinful ones that only lead down the road toward despair and loneliness. By praying openly before Him for help learning how to accept his true comfort rather than sinful ones that only leads down the road toward despair and loneliness while receiving God’s true comfort will sustain, protect, nourish and sustain your soul while sinful comfort will only lead down this road of despair and loneliness while His true comfort will sustain, protect and nourish your soul!

Many have had extraordinary encounters with God that they describe as extraordinary, which can deepen faith and open up new vistas of understanding of his nature and nature of divine being. Blaise Pascal was an accomplished scientist and mathematician; yet during a profound two-hour experience of His love he wrote down details in notes and stitched them into his coat to keep safe until after his death when found after burial.

I have a feeling of hope

Hope is the expectation that God will transform a difficult situation into something better, not wishful thinking or uncertain searching, but trust in the promises of Scripture. Abraham demonstrated this kind of hope when faced with his own death and Sarah’s barrenness – trusting in God’s Word alone which did not let him down (Romans 5:5-6).

People commonly describe this experience as intense feelings of joy and peace – this is an indication that God is at work within them, showing His love in new ways. These moments can then be shared with others to provide strength and comfort.

Experience God through prayer, reading the Bible and worship music is best achieved by spending time in prayerful meditation, Bible reading and music worship listening. Being open to new ideas for your spiritual practice – such as lifting hands during prayer or getting down on your knees during devotionals – will only increase this sense of being close to Him. The more time you devote yourself to these pursuits, the stronger will be His presence!

One of the most captivating examples of such an encounter comes from Blaise Pascal, a scientist and mathematician from France. For two hours, Pascal experienced an overwhelming sense of God’s love that transformed his outlook on life and made him a more effective preacher. After this transformational event took place, Pascal wrote some notes detailing it that were later discovered sewed into his coat’s lining; these testaments serve as an important reminder that Christ’s love can bring comfort, peace, and hope for anyone who believes.

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