How to Say Oh My God in Spanish

While French may have the reputation as being one of the most romantic languages in existence, Spanish has just as passionate and dramatic a language! Learn how to express love in Spanish using these useful phrases!

This can also help break the ice during conversations – your friends and colleagues may be amazed that you know this word!

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Dios bendice a todos is the Spanish expression for God bless all, and is commonly heard at the end of mass or when someone says goodbye to another religious individual. Other ways you could use to show God’s blessing on others would include Ten fe y no te rinda and que sea lo que Dios quiera or reminding people that family is one of God’s greatest gifts of life by saying A familia llena de amor es un regalo de Dios.

“!Ole” is an interjection used to express admiration or surprise at performances such as flamenco dancing or musical concerts, or used during bullfighting spectacles as an interjection to cheer people on and encourage participation.


Speedy Gonzales made this Mexican Spanish interjection globally famous, as its meaning ranges from agreement (alright!) to surprise and admiration. When shouted aloud it sounds similar to a Mexican version of “woof!”; and is also used to support Flamenco dancing and music performances.

When trying to convey disapproval in English, it may come across as something like swearing. However, the tone depends on context; listen closely and judge if what the person you’re conversing with says is appropriate or not.

This word is a popular Spanish swear word used to convey shock or disgust, or as an informal way of showing disbelief at something said or said to you. When stretched, its sharp sound becomes more of an appeal to plead, such as:!Por favor, por favor! This makes learning Spanish fun! It will add zest and personality to conversations!


There are various variations of this phrase, each carrying their own significance and interpretation. This is because la (or la in Spanish) serves as an expressive filler that can be combined with multiple words to express emotion and emphasis.

When expressing shock or surprise, an alternative way is to say: Oh lala! — this phrase sounds similar to ‘Oh My God’ but suggests surprise rather than shock.

For something a bit less formal, another Colombian curse word known as chimba (pronounced like “monga”) that means dickface can also be used. While its source might have been mon Dieu or mondeau from French (my God or My Goddess), more likely than not its origin was from an existing local term such as monda in Colombia used to refer to penis.

Another variation is to simply say, “Ye gods!” as a way of expressing surprise or asserting belief in multiple gods. This expression is frequently heard in Latin America; its specific usage depends on context and local custom. It should also be kept in mind that slang varies significantly across regions.

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