How to Pray to Saints in Orthodox Christianity

how to pray to saints orthodox

If you want to pray to the saints in Orthodox Christianity, you should follow certain rules and guidelines when doing so. These include standing, kneeling, making the sign of the cross, and reading or singing. Orthodox prayer books contain many tried and true prayers. However, you should not make shortcuts.

Intercessory prayer to saints

Many people object to intercessory prayer to saints, believing it to be a form of necromancy. However, the Bible contains ample proof of saintly intercession. The Bible says that Christ is at the right hand of God, and that all the saints have the power to intercede for us. In addition, the Bible mentions that the prayers of the saints are heard before God. Moreover, Jesus told us in a parable that even dead people can intercede for the living.

Although there are many misconceptions surrounding intercessory prayer, the truth is that it is a very important part of Orthodox religion. This practice plays an important role in the canonization process. It is also believed by some Anglo-Catholics, although this belief is not endorsed by the Roman Catholic Church.

Jesus Prayer

Praying the Jesus Prayer to the saints is an integral part of the Orthodox monastic ascesis, but it can be done by laypeople as well as clergy. The main emphasis of the prayer is on the meaning and the process of praying the prayer. The intention of the prayer is to bring a feeling of peace and joy to the person saying it.

The Jesus Prayer is a powerful spiritual exercise that enlightens, strengthens and animates us. It defeats our enemies, both visible and invisible, and brings us into direct contact with God. It is a prayer of surrender to the Name of the Lord Jesus, the treasury of all good things, strength, and life in the spirit.

Sub rosa

Sub rosa is the Latin word for “mother.” It is a Christian prayer that is used by orthodox Christians. It is the oldest Marian prayer and hymn and is known to be used in the Catholic, Eastern, and Oriental Orthodox churches. It is also used by the Sulpicians, who ended their classes by praying this prayer.


If you’re interested in learning about Orthodox Christian spirituality, you’ll probably be interested in learning about the Orthodox prayers. They’re rooted in Greek, and they’re performed daily by Orthodox Christians. This volume contains the first part of the Synekdemos, a popular Orthodox prayer book. It contains 1300 pages of text in the original Greek.

Orthodox Christians worship God by praying to saints, focusing on particular ones for particular problems. While superstition is based on fear of the unknown and faith in luck, the Eastern Orthodox Church rejects such superstitions and focuses instead on the worship of God.

St. Onias

The concept of praying to saints is not easily understood by non-Orthodox people. They may think that Orthodox prayer is overly pious and a hindrance to getting rid of things easily. They may also believe that prayers to saints are just modern inventions.

In the Orthodox Church, there are three main ways to pray to saints. First, you can invoke the intercession of the saints for your needs. You can also call on these saints for help and advice.

Defend them against the attacks of the enemy

When faced with enemies or in times of war, Orthodox Christians engage in warfare. They consider it a necessary evil, for they must protect the good and innocent. They also consider the taking of human life a crime. This is why they fight, and they fight with the full armor of God.

Direct them in the way of salvation

Prayer to the saints is encouraged in the Orthodox Church. According to the Orthodox Church, a Christian is not inactive after death, but rather, his or her body remains part of the Church until the final judgment. In this way, prayer to the saints is a good way to ensure that your prayer is effective.

The Orthodox Church focuses on the fact that every Christian is called to be holy. This is evident from the use of the term “saint” in the New Testament. While Evangelicals reject the practice of calling all Christians Saints, the Orthodox Church embraces the biblical usage of the word, pointing to the early Church and its use of the word to refer to the pious.

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