How to Join the Orthodox Church

How to Join the Orthodox Church

how to join the orthodox church

If you are wondering how to join the Orthodox church, there are several steps you can take to join this community. These steps include becoming an Inquirer, a Catechumen, or a Courtship. These steps will help you understand more about the Orthodox faith. You will also learn how to prepare for your membership to the Church.


An inquirer to join the Orthodox Church is a person who is not yet an Orthodox Christian, but has expressed an interest in the faith. He or she may continue to be an inquirer for a limited time, but after some months he or she will feel ready to make a serious commitment to Orthodox Christianity. A priest will guide him or her through the process of pursuing formal Church membership.


The process of becoming a Catechumen of the Orthodox Church begins with a thorough understanding of the Orthodox faith. A catechumen will undergo several months of catechesis before becoming a full member of the Church. Once a candidate is ready to take this step, they will need a sponsor. This sponsor will typically be an Orthodox Christian of the same sex or a spiritual friend.

Service of Reception

When an Orthodox Christian wishes to join the Orthodox Church, he or she must undergo a process of religious instruction and spiritual formation. The process starts with classes for inquirers, which typically start in September and run until Holy Pascha. Afterwards, the Orthodox Church welcomes new converts during a Service of reception on Holy Saturday. During this time, the convert must complete a full cycle of classes, attend weekly Divine Liturgy, and have individual meetings with priests.


If you are looking to marry within the Orthodox Church, you may be wondering whether the process of courtship will be allowed. In some jurisdictions, courtship will be allowed as long as the cleric allows it. In other jurisdictions, however, this may be prohibited.


The Department of Inter-Orthodox, Ecumenical, and Interfaith Relations is responsible for promoting social engagement in the Orthodox Church. An article based on his book, For the Life of the World: Toward an Orthodox Social Ethos, describes the role of Orthodox Christians in society.


Orthodox Christians from around the world hold the same basic Christian doctrines. These doctrines are based on the teachings of the Apostles, who in turn passed them down to their successors. This unity may be a historical accident, or the result of the Holy Spirit’s influence.


The Orthodox Church has its own distinctive traditions and practices. Its beliefs are rooted in the Bible, the early Church, and the teachings of Jesus Christ. In addition, it believes in the Holy Trinity and the Incarnation of the Lord.


Joining the Orthodox Church is a lifelong commitment, which can cost a significant amount of money. Once accepted, members are expected to participate in the services and events of the parish and receive training in the doctrines and traditions of the Orthodox Church. The membership process culminates in the service of initiation, known as Holy Chrismation, which is only performed on those who have been baptized in Christ.

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