How to Get Greek Citizenship Through Marriage

how to get greek citizenship through marriage

Getting Greek citizenship through marriage is possible with a few steps, and there are some things that you need to do in order to prove that you have a close family relationship. It can also be a good way to gain a residency permit in Greece if you plan to live there permanently.

Application for citizenship by descent

Applicants seeking Greek citizenship through marriage should make sure to register their foreign marriages within 40 days. The process is facilitated by the Greek consulate in the country where the marriage was performed.

During the registration, the interested party must submit all the required documents. They may also need to provide biometric data. Depending on the situation, they may be required to attend an interview.

Before submitting the application, the interested person should get an initial consultation from an experienced lawyer. This may save time. Getting the right information from the start can save money.

Besides, obtaining legal assistance can speed up the naturalization process. Some applicants must take a citizenship test.

For those who are interested in living permanently in Greece, they can apply for a long term residence permit. This will allow them to satisfy the requirement of having lived in Greece for seven years. It can be extended to ten years, if desired.

Panhellenic exam and oral exam

Getting Greek citizenship through marriage can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a close relationship with Greece. The process may take as long as four years if you don’t have a family connection to the country. It’s a good idea to seek legal advice from an experienced lawyer before you start the application process. The right information from the beginning can save you a lot of time and money.

You can obtain Greek citizenship through marriage if you are married to a Greek citizen, or if you are an unmarried child of a naturalized citizen. If you are not married, you can still become a naturalized citizen of Greece, but you will have to pass an exam.

You must have lived in Greece for at least 7 years and prove your ties to the country. You must also show that you are a tax payer, and have proof of your identity and residence. You will be issued a European Union passport that allows you to travel throughout Europe without the need for a visa.

Documents attesting to the existence of a family relationship

Obtaining Greek citizenship through marriage can be a bit complicated if you are not related to a Greek citizen. If you are not from a Hague Convention country, you will need to have your documents notarized by a Greek consulate in your country of origin.

The most common way to obtain Greek citizenship is through a naturalization process. This involves proving your ties to the country through investment, marriage, or other means. You can find out more about the process by visiting your local Greek Consulate or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

You can also achieve Greek citizenship through your own ancestors. If your ancestors are Greek, you will need to provide proof of your descent and good health to qualify. You do not have to speak Greek, but you do need to show good moral standing.

You will also need to prove that you have lived in Greece for at least three years. To do so, you will need to provide proof of your legal residence and a certificate of insurance. This insurance will cover you for hospitalization and medical treatment in Greece.

Residency permits for foreigners who permanently reside in Greece

Whether you want to start a business in Greece or buy a property, you need to apply for a residency permit. The process takes about three months.

The residence permit is granted for five years. You can extend it for an equal period of time. For people under 65, more paperwork may be required. If you are a family member of a Greek citizen, you can get a permanent residence permit.

Applicants must have a clear criminal record and prove that they have enough income to support themselves in Greece. For the first ten years, foreign income will be taxed at a flat seven percent. In addition, retirees may be exempt from some taxes.

In order to obtain a residence permit, you must apply online within a few days of arriving in Greece. The application form is simple and you should have the documents ready before you meet with an officer.

Investing in real estate in Greece can help you get a residence permit. You need to purchase a property with a value of at least EUR250.000. The investment must have a positive impact on the country’s economy. It must also create jobs.

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