How Can You Love God Who You Haven’t Seen?

how can you love god whom you haven t seen

Love for one another is one of God’s highest commandments. True love brings all good virtues together – compassion, kindness, humility and patience among them.

John says that anyone claiming to love God but opposing their brother is lying; how can one love a deity whom he/she cannot see?

1. Love Him with all your heart

Loving God with all your heart implies loving him with every aspect of yourself: soul, mind and strength. By “strength”, I refer to both physical strength as well as the virtues such as compassion, kindness, humility and patience which comprise your essence as an individual. Love should unite these attributes harmoniously – without being motivated by selfish desires for wealth or worldly goods that eventually fade away.

This command can be difficult to follow; it requires a spiritual renewal (John 3:3). Love of Yahweh requires us to love back; He alone offers unfaltering love that we must reciprocate in return.

2. Love your neighbor as yourself

One of the best-known commands from Leviticus is, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Jesus took this to its logical conclusion by proclaiming that love — treating others how you would wish to be treated yourself — was indeed the keystone principle underlying all law and prophets.

Love will never reach its pinnacle in this lifetime, but must remain present and grow over time. John asserts that anyone who fails to love his brother and sister cannot claim they know God.

As a starting point, we suggest identifying those closest to you and beginning by loving them as God does. This could involve anything from leaving an encouraging note or offering baked goods directly; to engaging them on deeper levels and helping them experience Him more intimately.

3. Love your enemies

Jesus made waves during his ministry by doing many shocking, countercultural, and even difficult things; one such act was when He instructed us to love our enemies. This statement left many stunned!

By loving our enemies, we show them the kind of grace God has shown us. This type of affection leads to repentance and transformation – exactly the type described by Paul in 1 Corinthians 13!

Hatred corrupts people and leads them into acting irrationally; its effects can be devastating for both parties involved. That’s why John says it boldly: If anyone doesn’t love their brother and sister as themselves, he or she is an impostor (1 John 1:5); true worship of God requires also showing love toward His people.

4. Love your God with all your mind

Jesus replied to the lawyer’s question by emphasizing two main commands of the law: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind.

Loving God with all your mind means more than simply acknowledging He exists; it means your thoughts are aligned with His, and that you embrace his words as truths.

Love for God should keep you engaged in spiritual disciplines like studying His word, praying and serving Him. Loving others – particularly the brothers and sisters in Christ – includes helping those in need, caring for those sick, encouraging those feeling down or encouraging those feeling discouraged.

5. Love your God with all your soul

Jesus responded that the greatest commandment was to love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength (Matthew 22:37). Some Gospels include Mark’s version which adds, “and with all your strength.”

Loving God with all your soul means giving all aspects of yourself to Him: body, heart, mind and spirit. It means giving up time and energy listening to, praising, thanking and obeying Him as the source of all truth and life; also accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior while loving your brother/sisters as yourself – that’s why both the Old and New Testament teach that all law revolves around two commands – loving God first then loving your neighbor second – because these cannot exist separately from each other.

6. Love your God with all your strength

People who fervently love God are those who have dedicated themselves to Him, making a firm promise of faith to Him and studying, praying and sharing His word. They take an active interest in spiritual disciplines such as yoga or mindfulness meditation practice – following his commands as Jesus has asked.

Not only should Christians eschew material things that fade with time, but they should also strive to be patient, kind, humble, truthful and righteous people who seek God’s glory in all they do – be it using physical strength for Him outside the church building – because loving Him with all their strength entails loving each other as brothers and sisters reborn through Christ (John 1:13, 3:16)

7. Love your God with all your heart

For God to truly be your Lord and Savior, you must love Him above all else – including your brothers and sisters as well as neighbors.

The Bible commands us to love all our brothers and sisters as ourselves, including those who may not yet believe in God or have not met him yet. Additionally, this means avoiding idols while treating people with honesty and sincerity.

Loving our neighbors requires having a heart that is grounded in the gospel and focused on obeying Christ. You should trust in His faithfulness at all times. Additionally, love of money often leads to greed and avarice that contradicts God’s will; thus the key lies in loving God by dedicating ourselves to Him and His Word.

8. Love your God with all your mind

Love God with all of your mind, and treasure His words and obey his commands. This includes studying the Bible and attending sermons; but more importantly it means processing your thoughts until they reflect His.

Life can be challenging and wearying at times; yet God still expects us to love Him with all our minds, even when it’s hard. So no matter the situation or circumstance, He should still receive our worship and love with our whole beings.

Reading scripture and praying daily will help deepen your relationship with Him, remind you of His promises, draw closer to Him, share his Gospel message with others, and ultimately increase joy and love for Him in your heart – otherwise it could potentially turn against him!

9. Love your God with all your soul

The Old Testament records one of Jesus’ primary commands as loving God with all your soul – indeed he claimed it as one of his primary laws!

Love is a profound challenge that involves every good virtue we possess: compassion, kindness, humility, patience and goodness. Love unifies them harmoniously into one spirit – but hatred for your brothers and sisters saved by Christ makes it impossible to truly love Him whom you have yet to see!

This verse forms part of a prayer Jesus and His followers recited every morning and evening – known as the Shema – known by Jesus as “the greatest commandment”. Jesus described it as being our primary goal as Christians: showing unwavering devotion and loyalty towards God both internally and outwardly through our actions.

10. Love your God with all your strength

“Love God with all of your strength” does not refer solely to physical strength; rather it encompasses all the ways in which God made you unique – including all of your gifts, talents, abilities and energy usage.

Loving God with all your strength means being eager to study His Word, pray and serve those entrusted to you by Him. Being active within your church community means getting acquainted with others while showing love to those within your local area – this commitment should become part of daily living; that way our love grows deeper for God while at the same time being demonstrated to the world around us.

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