Greek Orthodox Saints Names List

greek orthodox saints names list

If you are looking to learn more about Greek Orthodox saints, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we have listed the full names of some of the most well-known saints from the Orthodox Church. Hopefully, you’ll find a saint who you’ll like and want to learn more about.


Chrysostomos is the chief exegete of the School of Antioch. He defended Christian philosophy against myths of heathen gods. His method was opposed to that of the Alexandrian School.

Chrysostom was born in Antioch, the second city of the Eastern Roman Empire. His father was an officer in the Syrian army. As an adult, he studied theology and Holy Scripture. His mother was a disciple of St Euthymius.

Chrysostom was ordained as a priest by Flavian. Chrysostom became bishop in 386. Soon, he was invited to Ephesus. He appointed a new archbishop in the city.

St John Chrysostom

St John Chrysostom was Archbishop of Antioch and Patriarch of the Ecumenical Church in the sixth century. He was one of the most influential figures in the Church. His influence was widespread, and he was invoked at many ecumenical councils.

Despite his obscurity, Chrysostom was an important figure in the history of Christianity, and he is considered one of the most important Greek-language witnesses to the Christian Faith. His literary works and sermons are still a vital part of Orthodox tradition.

St Barlaam

The story of Barlaam and Josaphat is a Christianization of the Indian story of Siddhartha Gautama. It has become one of the most popular Christian stories of all time.

There are many versions of the story. One version is that the hermit Saint Barlaam disguised himself as a merchant to convince the prince Josaphat to believe in Christ. This story is found in the Georgian epic Balavariani and dates back to the 10th century. Another version says that the prince’s father decided to have a debate between pagans and Christians.

St Catherine

The lives of the Greek Orthodox Saints are inspirational. They lived a life of deification, and were devoted to the teachings of Jesus. These saints are revered for their miracles and healings, and they are revered as protectors of the faithful. Their feast days are celebrated in the Divine Liturgy.

One of the most famous orthodox saints is St Constantine XII. He was the eighth patriarch of Constantinople. During his tenure, he composed many hymns, and he served as the patriarch for a period of seven years. Afterwards, he was ordained an archimandrite in 1886.

Archimandrite Nectarius

Nectarios (Nektarius) is a saint on the Greek Orthodox saints names list. He is famous for his humility, eloquence and piety. His holy sermons and virtues earned him a place among the Alexandrian clergy.

Saint Nectarios devoted his life to serving God and the people. He was a humble man, not ambitious for glory. As such, he lost nothing of his humility through his honors. Among other things, he was a pastor in the Church of Greece.

When he was a young man, he studied theology in the Theological Academy of Patmos. While in Athens, he prayed for Sophronios. Later, he was ordained a deacon by Metropolitan Gregory of Chios.

St Symeon

St Symeon on the Greek Orthodox saints names list is a Saint who suffered for his faith. He defended the Orthodox Church against the Roman persecution. His name means Black-foot. Today he is commemorated on the Latin calendar.

St Symeon on the Greek Orthodox Saints names list was born in Kephalonia, a region in southern Greece. At age seven, he became blind due to smallpox. Despite this, he continued to work in his kitchen and served without complaint.

St Lazarus

Fr Lazarus was a pioneer in the Orthodox Church in the West. He was born in England and spent many years in Western Canada. In the 1920s he felt the call to become a missionary. After spending five years in an English missionary college, he moved to western Canada.

He spent seven weeks on Mt Athos in 1934. There he met Mother Gavrilia of Greece. Then he served in a Russian Convent in Transjordan. Afterwards he went to India to assist in Orthodox missionary work.

St Paul

St Paul was an apostle of Christ. He was born in Thessalonica. In his later years, he lived in a church. His last words were to his disciples. After his death, he was called the “Seal of Martyrs” by his friends and followers.

As a youth, he joined the monastic life. While he was ordained, he lived as a deacon in Constantinople. Later, he was sent to the Russian Mission in Jerusalem.

While living there, he became a defender of Orthodox teachings. He translated many Fathers of the Church into Slavonic. He also helped to establish the Studion Monastery in Constantinople.

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