God Serena Vs Acnologia in Fairy Tail

god serena vs acnologia

God Serena was an eye-catching character who constantly sought the limelight. With his bold attitude and flashy clothes, his eccentric behavior was always entertaining to watch.

He fought against the Wizard Saints who served Alvarez Empire. Soon thereafter he met Acnologia the Black Dragon.

Fighting Styles

Although God Serena was an extremely strong character, he struggled when faced with some of Fairy Tail’s more formidable opponents. He often overconfident in his fights and enjoyed hurting others after winning; while this made for entertaining and fun interactions between characters like him and other characters like Acnologia (his final opponent in Fairy Tail), fans expected an epic showdown between these powerful Dragon Slayers to ensure fans of both would see something great happen during that chapter of Fairy Tail. Instead, when God Serena faced Acnologia she defeated him badly–this caused major disappointment among fans hoping for an epic clash between two powerful Dragon Slayers, only for it not happen despite their best intentions to defeat.

Acnologia was difficult to judge in this fight due to his injuries; however, I estimate his power at around level 50-60 and likely stronger than normal dragons but not God Serena herself. If that had been the case, it may have made for an intense duel between Igneel and Acnologia.

But it’s important to keep in mind that God Serena contains eight dragon slayer lacrimas within himself, giving him an immense typing advantage over almost every opponent and making it extremely difficult for even powerful magic users to overcome him.

Keep this in mind during this battle: Acnologia has immunity against magic of any sort due to his status as the God of Dragons and was therefore unaffected by any attack by Jellal or anyone else, making the latter’s attempt at targeting Acnologia unfruitful. Furthermore, Natsu may have also used her DF on Acnologia which may have resulted in some minor damage as it tripled his strength.

Regarding this fight, God Serena shouldn’t lose to any of her opponents: Erza should be at parity with her now that he’s back to full strength; Laxus was once Spriggan-tier; Gildarts is supposed to be around their level; while I have yet to confirm where Jellal stands and it remains difficult to know whether he may even be an underachiever or not.

Magical Attacks

God Serena is one of the most adept and powerful Dragon Slayers in Fairy Tail, possessing a diverse set of skills that enable him to attack with various magics. Additionally, his eight Dragon Lacrimas allow for powerful attacks.

While God Serena has displayed impressive power and skill, his true potential remains unrealized as yet. While fans had anticipated being met by more formidable opponents at some point in his career, it has only ever faced off against less-powerful foes so far; many fans remain uncertain whether his true potential will ever be realized.

God Serena used a very effective attack known as his “Song of Wind and Moon.” This allowed him to inhale deeply before unleashing an enormous gust of wind into the atmosphere – sending Acnologia flying like a rag doll across the air.

God Serena’s skills include his impressive ability to combine multiple magical attacks together into powerful combos. For instance, using his wind and sky magic together, he could form an enormous tornado which would wipe out everything in its path – which proves invaluable when fighting large groups of opponents.

Acnologia can use his magic powers to craft various kinds of attacks that will strike terror into his enemies, such as fire or water blasts or creating an invisible field that keeps them from seeing him, thus enabling him to sneak up behind them without being detected and attack without being noticed.

Acnologia also possesses an extraordinary power that renders him resistant to magic, as witnessed when fighting against Jellal. Each attack from him was simply absorbed without harm being caused – making him an effective Dragon Slayer opponent.

God Serena may become one of Fairy Tail’s most formidable Dragon Slayers; already possessing immense strength and talent, his true test will come when he faces off against Irene Belserion – currently both Dragon King and Slayer in her own right.


God Serena exhibits tremendous stamina during her battle with Acnologia. In addition to physical attacks, Serena uses magic in order to maintain momentum in the conflict and prevent Acnologia from fleeing from it.

He can use his Gale Dragon Slayer Magic to generate and control wind currents with great ease, thanks to having Dragon Lacrima implanted. This power gives him control of wind generation. This ability gives him one of many Dragon Slayer Magics at his disposal thanks to his abilities as an Earth Dragon Slayer.

As well as his Dragon Slayer Magics, he also possesses many other useful skills. For instance, he can create powerful shock waves which can destroy anything in its path; additionally he can summon massive thunderclouds against his opponents.

Fire magic can also be utilized effectively; he can conjure up an inferno of flames which engulfs anyone nearby and even cover his fist in it to use against opponents in combat – known as his Blazing Inferno Spell it can be quite devastating.

As one of Fairy Tail’s most powerful characters, Gray Fullbuster easily overpowers any challengers he comes up against. A true dragon slayer, his strong will and dedication to his guild members often leads him into clashes with Gray Fullbuster and Laxus Dreyar due to his often volatile and competitive demeanor.

God Serena may possess great promise, but his efforts have been hindered by his boyish personality and unwillingness to take fights seriously. Often dismissed as simply another talented child with a large mouth rather than being recognized for being an exceptional warrior.

He could likely defeat most of the current Wizard Saints, with Erza, Gildarts and Jellal being potential winners. Based on their past performances against snakes he may match Laxus’ level but that cannot be guaranteed – had he used crush magic against giant spiders then this would put him even more ahead in terms of dominance.


God Serena was one of Fairy Tail’s most powerful magic users. Able to use eight distinct types of magic and master strategist, Serena often made fans laugh through his comic relief before struggling against some of his most formidable foes in battles. However, his often boyish demeanor held him back during crucial fights – making fans laugh often yet looking unprepared when faced with crushing powerful foes.

God Serena proved himself superior during their battle against Acnologia by using his incredible defenses to block many of Acnologia’s attacks with magic spells and use shields created from his powerful magic to defend himself from harm.

God Serena managed to defend against her enemies with incredible defenses; however, her wounds still proved too strong and eventually caused her death.

Four hundred years prior, Acnologia learned dragon slayer magic to take revenge against all dragons responsible for the destruction of his home. Over time he forgot his original name and became God Serena – Fiore’s most powerful wizard with 8 Dragon Lacrimas power!

As Lucy uses the Fairy Sphere spell to reinforce Fairy Tail’s magic against him and Natsu and Sting use their ice and fire magic respectively to hold off this powerful dragon slayer, their other wizards combine their magical abilities against him to keep him at bay.

The other wizards then lead him to Hargeon with the intent of trapping him with one of their abandoned ships; however, he soon detects and destroyed each vessel before it could be used as an instrument of imprisonment.

As soon as Alvarez has been defeated, Levy receives approval from the Magic Council for Fairy Tail’s revival. She discovers that God Serena defected and joined Alvarez’s Spriggan 12; Levy convinces Gajeel to help rescue God Serena.

During their battle against Alvarez’s army, the FT A team encircles God Serena in order to destroy him. Mest brainwashes Brandish into trying to kill God Serena but Gildarts counters with a column of fire; simultaneously, Christina crashes into Acnologia to free it from Zeref’s control.

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