An Orthodox Saint With a Lion

orthodox saint with lion

Did you know that there is an orthodox saint with a lion? Did you know that Saint Gerasimos once cured a wounded lion by praying with it? And that he also brought water to a donkey? Read on to discover more about this extraordinary saint! Posted on July 22, 2018, by [email protected]

St. Gerasimos was an orthodox saint with lion

According to legend, the lion had a thorn in its foot. When the hermit found the lion, he immediately removed it from the lion’s paw, cleaned it, and bandaged it. The hermit took care of the lion until he returned to his monastery. The lion followed him everywhere, ate only bread, and even helped in the fetching of water.

Gerasimos’ relationship with animals is a key part of his life story. He once found a lion wandering the desert with a thorn in its paw and cured it. This lion then followed him to his monastery and sat on his grave when he died. The lion also appears on a mosaic of the saint.

He cured a wounded lion

According to a story from the fifth century, a monk named Saint Gerasimos the Righteous of Jordan cured a wounded lion with his healing hands. It is said that the lion was so devoted to Saint Gerasimos that it died five years later on his grave. As a result, the lion is always represented on his icon, lying on its side.

He brought water to a donkey

Legend has it that a lion and an orthodox saint once traveled together to bring water to a donkey. The lion fell asleep while the donkey was filling the jugs with water, so the merchants assumed the donkey had been abandoned. The lion searched everywhere and returned to the monastery a shamed and depressed animal.

The lion also visited the hermitage and the grave of the hermit. The lion was so sad because of the loss of the hermit. The disciple then led the lion to his grave, where he laid down and died. A small wooden cross marked his grave. Afterwards, the great tawny lion closed his eyes and departed.

He prayed with a lion

It is said that an orthodox saint once prayed with a lion. This story is told in the Christian tradition, as the legend says that Saint Mark was thrown to lions and not attacked. Instead, the lions would lie by his feet and sleep, and even pet him. This behavior made the Romans impressed with the Christian saint.

He prayed with a donkey

St. Gerasimos, the orthodox saint who prayed with a donkey, was once a merchant. He had a donkey tethered to a caravan that crossed the Jordan River on its way to Jerusalem. One day, the donkey strayed, and a passing trader stole it. When the merchants saw this, they fled. The lion, however, recognized the donkey and recognized its owner and gave a mighty roar. After the merchants saw the lion, St. Gerasimos prayed with the donkey and the lion.

The story behind the story of St. Gerasimos and the lion is a fascinating one. According to legend, a monk once encountered a lion in the Jordan desert. While walking to the river, St. Gerasimos noticed that the animal had a wound on its paw and a thorn was stuck in it. The monk quickly removed the thorn and then cleaned the wound of pus. The monks then began to pray for healing.

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