All Saints Antiochian Orthodox Church

all saints antiochian orthodox

If you are looking for a place to worship in the Southern United States, you might be interested in visiting the All Saints Orthodox Church in El Paso, Texas. This church is dedicated to the memory of the martyrs of the early Orthodox Christians in America. The church is located on a hill, which is a beautiful setting for prayer and worship. Here you will find the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed, as well as a church where donations are welcome.

Early Orthodox Christians in America crossed the Baring Straits

It’s no secret that early Orthodox Christians in America were among the first to venture out into the great wide uncharted land. The first formal mission to North America was founded by Grigory Shelekhov in Three Saints Bay, Alaska. Among the more notable contributions of this era were the Russian promyshlenniki, who introduced maritime fur trade into the Alaskan economy. Some traders adopted locals as godchildren, and some even founded families. Other European nations, including the British, were fascinated with the fur trade, which gave them access to native resources.

During the same period, the Russians extended claims to Alaska as far east as the Commander Islands. In 1741, Alexei Chirikov formally claimed the Aleutian Islands. He was followed by a group of fur traders, which led to a flurry of trade activity in the area. A handful of natives, most notably the Aleuts, were converted to Orthodox Christianity.

Church of the Martyrs

The Church of the Martyrs is a celebration of the life of all those whose death was a testimony of their love for Christ. In the Orthodox tradition, this is celebrated on the first Sunday of Great Lent. It is a time of prayer and vigil, as well as a time to celebrate the life of the saints.

There are many martyrs to the faith. Some of the most famous are St. John Chrysostom, a preacher and writer in the late 4th century; St. Photius, patriarch of Constantinople; and St. Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage.

The church has produced many great writers and scholars. They have helped preserve the teachings of the Apostles and defended the Orthodox against the various heresies of the times.

Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed

The Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed is an ancient creed that is recited in the worship of the Orthodox Church today. It is the official expression of common inherited faith.

The Orthodox Faith is based on the belief that God is the ultimate Lord and Savior of the world, and that the incarnation of Jesus Christ is the supreme revelation of God to man. These beliefs are reflected in Orthodox prayer, hymns, and the Eucharist. They are also expressed in social concern.

Orthodoxy is a way of life that traces its roots back to the Apostles and is founded on the apostolic succession of the Church. This apostolic succession continues to this day, as does the succession of bishops and priests.

Orthodox Christianity believes that the Lord will return again, bringing with Him the glory that is in heaven. This awe-inspiring hope is built on the premise that salvation is a process that includes becoming filled with the divine light of God, purification, and divinization.

Donations welcome

The Antiochian Orthodox Church is one of the largest and most diverse church communities in the United States. They are a jurisdiction of the Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch. Their jurisdiction is also referred to as the Antiochian Archdiocese in North America.

All Saints Orthodox Church is dedicated to honoring all the Saints. It is located in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It is part of the Midwest Diocese of the North American Antiochian Archdiocese. Donations are welcome at this mission. In addition, they are building a new temple. If you would like to donate, please contact Fr. Nikolay Miletkov for more information.

A number of local politicians have supported the mission including Assemblywoman Jo Anne Simon, State Senator Andrew Gounardes, and Mr. John Abi-Habib.


The All Saints Antiochian Orthodox Church is a part of the Archdiocese of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church of North America. It is located in Chicago, Illinois. Before becoming a church it was a Lutheran congregation. Among the many ministries of this faith-filled institution is the Ancient Faith Radio. This is an Internet radio station which features content related to Orthodox Christianity. You can listen to more than 100 podcasts on this station.

While the All Saints Orthodox Church is not the largest in the archdiocese, it is one of the newest. A building fund has been set up to help with the construction of the church. If you would like to contribute to this effort, you can do so through their website.

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