The Saints of the Orthodox Church

If you are a believer in the Orthodox Church, you have probably already heard about a few of its saints. Whether they are well known or lesser known, their stories have made a profound impact on the lives of Christians everywhere.

Abba Poemen

Abba Poemen is considered one of the early Desert Fathers. He was a Christian monk who lived in Egypt in the 4th century. His feast day is September 9 in the Gregorian calendar.

He is regarded as a saint by Eastern Christianity. One of his many miracles was the fact that he lived for over a hundred years. The first decade of the fourth century was the golden age of desert monasticism. It was also the time of the Scete raids.

Bishop Tikhon

St Tikhon of Orthodox Saints was the first Orthodox bishop to arrive in the United States. Born in Russia in 1865, he became a monk at the age of twenty-six. He took vows and later became bishop of Alaska.

Despite a difficult life, St. Tikhon was known for his zeal and moral authority. His life was marked by his commitment to the Orthodox Church. In his missionary work, he brought many Uniate groups back to Orthodoxy.

During World War I, St. Tikhon served as a peacemaker and aided displaced citizens. Among his achievements was the establishment of a Diocese of Aleutians and North America in 1900. A number of cathedrals and churches were consecrated by him.


In honor of the feast day of Hieron, one of the Three Holy Hierarchs, we’d like to share some facts about this saint. We’ll begin by exploring his life and his works.

Basil was born in Bithynia around 345. He grew up in an Orthodox household and decided to live a monastic life. After serving in the Imperial army, he chose to become a hermit. A short time later, he settled in Constantinople.

Basil’s relics were brought to Constantinople by Theodosius the Great. Later, he was ordained to the priesthood.

Fr. Alexander

The life of Father Alex Karloutsos is a story of great heroism. His dedication to the Orthodox faith and service to the Church has made him a model for Orthodox Christians around the world. Several Popes have praised his achievements. In fact, he is a Hero of Saint Nicholas.

Father Alexander is the author of several popular books, including a book on Christian faith and liturgy. He has also been a theological advisor to the ordination committee. An ecumenist, he has helped promote Orthodox heritage in the United States.


Matrona of the Orthodox Saints is a very special saint. Her life was a living example of what it means to be a true servant of God. She was a spiritual warrior fighting against evil powers.

Matrona was born into a devout Christian family. When she was a child, she had a spiritual vision. And even as a young girl, she would often pray to the Lord for people in her vicinity.

Later on, she became a monastic. She had a deep spiritual life and a devotion to the Orthodox faith. As a woman of great strength and power, she brought comfort to those who sought her help.

Fr. Alexis

St. Alexis Toth is one of the Orthodox saints of the Church. He lived during the nineteenth century and was a Russian-speaking priest. His evangelism and work are credited with bringing a number of Uniats into the Orthodox church.

He also wrote a basic catechism of the Orthodox Faith. Alexis was educated at the Uniate Seminary in Uzhhorod, Ukraine, and later the University of Prague. After his studies, he joined the Russian Orthodox Church.

The Holy Synod of Bishops of The Orthodox Church in America glorified Father Alexis as a Saint. Some of his relics are buried in the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin in Zemplinska Siroka, Slovakia.

St. Arsenios

Arsenios, a Greek monk, was a wonderworker in his time. He lived a life of prayer and asceticism. He had a remarkable healing ability and performed many miracles. His life was written in the “Saint Arsenios the Cappadocian” by Elder Paisios. The saint died in 1924.

Saint Arsenios was a teacher and spiritual father. When he was young, he decided to become a monk. At this time, Greece was under Turkish rule. However, the Turks were not hospitable to Christians, so he was forced to leave his home village.

St. Hermas

St Hermas is an Orthodox saint who wrote The Shepherd of Hermas. In this work, an angel appears to Hermas and speaks of an experience that takes him to a pathless place across a river. His encounter with the angel is a good example of Christian symbolism.

He is also one of the Seventy Apostles. During his life, he preached the Gospel to the Greeks of Thrace. He died in peace. Afterwards, he became Bishop of Philippopolis in Thrace.

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