Russian Orthodox Church Albany NY

russian orthodox church albany ny

In 1930, Russian emigres established the ROCOR parish in Albany. Since then, its founders have continued to pursue their aspiration of creating a church there and passing along this dream to their children.

Farther Michael Komlikov, originally from Germany, founded the church at Pearl Street and conducted services there for many years.

Church History

The Russian Orthodox Church in Albany, New York has a rich religious legacy. We are part of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR), an anti-Soviet church with an impressive record in building churches across North America.

In the early twentieth century, a large number of Russian emigres fled Russia amid political upheaval. After 1917’s Bolshevik takeover of Tsarist government and seizure of all church properties by Bolshevik revolutionaries, this marked an important turning point in Russian history.

Therefore, the Russian Orthodox Church was forced to relocate away from Russia and find a new home for worship. Many ROCOR emigrants made their way to America, where they contributed to creating an American diaspora.


Orthodox worship is a complex ritual, combining music, chanting and vestments to create an exquisite tapestry of colors, shapes and emotions. Its structure is also intricate as are its forms and ceremonies.

The Eastern Orthodox Church believes in the unity of Christ’s earthly body with His heavenly Body through prayer and service to God. This belief has been passed down through generations, manifested in how worship takes place within Orthodox churches.

At different points during services, incense is burned to remind those present of the heavenly state of the church on earth. This is done using granulated incense which burns in a censer (two metal bowls suspended by chains which can be raised and lowered for more or less smoke escape). The incense also has aromatic flowers, herbs and spices added to further evoke this heavenly atmosphere during worship.

Parish Organizations

The parish community consists of parish families with clergy ranging from priests to subdeacons. Fr Alexey (Tsaronov), Fr Timothy and Choir Director Gleb Ivanov serve as parish priests.

Our parish family is actively involved in a number of organizations and ministries, such as Sunday school, choir, adult study group, film festival and discussion forum. As members of the Federation of Orthodox Clubs America, we take part in numerous outreach events throughout the year.

At present, our parish family is actively involved in fundraising for The Family of St John – a project designed to assist young parishes who require social service, spiritual guidance and material support.

We invite you to learn more about this project by reaching out to us. It is an incredibly unique way for your Church to get involved!

Contact Us

You can reach the church via email, phone or in person. Additionally, you can find essential information about the church on its website.

The Nativity of the Mother of God Russian Orthodox Church is conveniently located at 617 Sand Creek Rd in Albany, NY. Driving directions and parking instructions can be found below.

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