Orthodox Saints to Pray To Today

orthodox saints for today

When you are looking for Orthodox saints to pray to today, there are many different options available to you. Some of the more popular saints include St. Hilarion the Great, St. Acca, and St. Gregory Palamas. Others are lesser-known, but equally important. Learn about them all to make your prayers even more fruitful.

St. Gregory Palamas

Gregory Palamas is one of the most celebrated Orthodox saints of the Church today. He was an archbishop of Thessalonica and monk of Mount Athos in Greece. He was a strong proponent of hesychastic theology. He was canonized by the Patriarch Philotheos of Constantinople in 1368. He is also remembered for his miracles and is remembered on November 14, the anniversary of his repose.

Gregory Palamas was a monk of Mount Athos and was known for his hesychasm or reciting Jesus’ name constantly. This method of prayer often takes the form of the Jesus Prayer and includes sitting postures and breathing techniques. The goal of this method is to unite the mind and heart with God.

St. Hilarion the Great

The story of St. Hilarion the Great is a story of great spiritual power and holiness. He was gifted with the power to cast out unclean spirits and heal people. His fame spread throughout Palestine, Egypt, and Syria. He also founded monasteries in these places and instituted a strict ascetic life. He later returned to his homeland of Cyprus and lived a solitary life until the Lord called him to Himself.

Hilarion was born in Palestine and was raised with pagan beliefs. He eventually fled to Alexandria to study, where he was baptized and converted to Christianity. Later, he met the great Saint Anthony, and decided to emulate his life by becoming an ascetic.

St. Acca

During the VIII century, St. Acca, a disciple of Saint Wilfrid, became an outstanding bishop of the Northumbrian Church. However, he experienced some canonical problems and was deposed as Bishop of Hexham. Despite this, he was still respected and was buried at Hexham. During his life, he helped to introduce a number of Greek Eastern and Mediterranean liturgical practices to the Northumbrian Church.

In addition to St. Acca, other notable orthodox saints include St. Aidan and St. Nicaea. The Saints of Man include St. Bradan and Orora, SS Bradan and Orora, and St. Hilarion the Great of Palestine. Among the other orthodox saints of today are St. Christodulus the Wonderworker of Patmos and the New Martyr John of Peloponnesus.

St. Elizabeth the Queen of Scots

Today, we commemorate St. Elizabeth the Queen of Scots as one of the orthodox saints. The Orthodox Church has honored her since she was a young woman. She was a daughter of the Aaron lineage. She was the sister of Sts Theotokos and Anna. She walked the commandments of the Lord. The orthodox church honors her for her faith and love for God.

The Orthodox Church canonized her in 1992. In 1998, the Church of England placed a statue of her above the western entrance of Westminster Abbey. She is widely revered in Orthodox churches, as well as by many non-Orthodox communities.

St. Optina

One of the earliest orthodox saints is St. Optina. He is venerated as a protector of the orthodox faith. He was the cell attendant of Saint Ambrose and later received the gift of being an elder. He helped many Orthodox believers by giving advice on virtue and loyalty to Christ. His words of wisdom spread throughout Russia.

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