Orthodox Saints List

orthodox saints list

An orthodox saints list is a list of people who have been recognized by the Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church, and Oriental Orthodox Church. It is organized alphabetically by country of origin and residence. This list will help you learn about some of the most well-known saints of the Christian faith.

Saint Barbara

Saint Barbara was an early saint in the Orthodox Christian Church. Her feast day is December 4th. For information about the feast days of other Orthodox Christians, please visit the Name Day page. There are also several martyrs with the name Barbara. In addition, Saint Barbara is also known as the patron saint of the Irish army.

Saint Barbara was born in the mid-third century in the Greek city of Heliopolis, Phoenicia. She was the daughter of a wealthy pagan who isolated his daughter after she became a Christian and turned her back on the pagan gods. When her pagan father learned of her conversion, he built a high tower for her, but his intentions were not clear. He feared that Barbara would marry another pagan and so put her to death.

Saint Nicholas

The Orthodox Saints list includes Saint Nicholas as one of its most beloved figures. He was known for his many miracles and was a great supporter of agriculture. He also fought against heresy and defended the Church. He was also a great peacemaker during a time of civil war, visiting prisoners in their homes and praying for their souls in Purgatory. In addition, he was said to have had visions that resulted from his long fasts.

Saint Nicholas is one of the three18 fathers of the First Ecumenical Council, and he was one of its most fervent champions. He stood up to heretic Arius and his teachings, and affirmed all Orthodox dogmas. His miracles were known to all corners of the world. Ultimately, Nicholas fell asleep in the Lord in 343 AD.

Saint Agathe

Saint Agathe is an important patron saint of many places in the world. The city of Catania in Sicily is named after her, and the cathedral is dedicated to her. She is also the patron saint of breast cancer sufferers, bell-founders, and wet nurses. Her intercession for victims of rape is powerful, and she is often invoked to prevent the ravages of fire.

The Saints of the Catholic Church include St. Catherine of Alexandria and St. Agathe, both of whom are revered for their miraculous healings. These saints are revered by Catholics as protectors of the faithful. In the early church, she was believed to have foreseen the death of Diocletian and Maximian and ushered in peace.

Saint Patriarch Germanos

The orthodox church recognizes the apostolic leadership of Saint Patriarch Germanos on its list of saints. He was the eighth patriarch of Constantinople and served from 715 to 730. He is remembered for his contributions to the church, including the composition of many hymns.

His life is also reflected in the lives of orthodox believers. They strive to imitate the divine and live a life of deification. According to St. Maximos the Confessor, a Saint’s soul attains theosis (union with God through the Holy Spirit). Saints’ lives are inspiring and helpful to today’s Orthodox Christians.

Saints Bartholomew and Barbara

Saint Bartholomew is an apostle of Jesus, listed as one of the Twelve Disciples. He is also known as Nathanael. His name means son of Tolmai, and he is always followed by Philip on the list of the Twelve Apostles in the synoptic Gospels. Saint Bartholomew is also considered the patron saint of butchers and leather workers. His name comes from the Aramaic name Bar-Talmai, which means “son of Talmai”. The Aramaic name is common in ancient Israel, and is a patronymic name.

Saint Bartholomew is the Ecumenical Patriarch of the Orthodox Church, and is a living testament to the true spiritual leadership of the Orthodox Church. He travelled the world, presided over the re-establishment of Autonomous Orthodox Churches in newly-freed countries, and promoted the dignity of human beings.

Saints Constantine XII

Saints Constantine XII are among the most revered of the orthodox saints list. Their relics are located on the island of Patmos. These relics are believed to perform many miracles. As such, their feast day is celebrated during the Divine Liturgy.

Constantine XII was the last Byzantine Emperor and his death was considered a martyrdom. There are varying accounts of his death, with various sources varying in their views. Some sources mention that he is a Christian Martyr, while others point to the fall of Constantinople as the reason for his death.

Saints Agathe

One of the most venerated virgin martyrs of Christian antiquity is St. Agatha of Sicily, who lived in the third century. Her feast day is February 5, and she is the patron saint of breast cancer patients. She is also the patron saint of various locations in Italy.

As an unmarried teenager, Saint Agnes was forced to make a difficult decision. She was ordered to sacrifice her virginity to pagan gods, but instead, she gave up her life to follow Jesus. Today, she is the patron saint of engaged couples and the poor. She also served as the patron saint of lepers.

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