Orthodox Saints Book Review

orthodox saints book

The Orthodox Saints Book is a great way to learn about the lives of some of the most popular saints in the Christian faith. There are 101 different saints in the book, and the book contains a lot of information about them. You’ll find articles about their life and about their relics, as well as articles about the vestments they wore.

Life of St. Antony

Saint Antony the Great, sometimes referred to as Anthony the Great, is an Egyptian monk who became a saint and a hero of the Christian faith. He was born in 251 AD and died in 356. In the fourth century, he was one of the leading defenders of orthodox Catholicism.

Although he lived a relatively humble life, he was a pious man. His extreme piety attracted the attention of Satan. But Antony resisted the evil force by prayer and by direct help from Christ.

When he was twenty, he was assigned to take care of the family estate. When he had completed this task, he gave all his possessions to the poor.

After that, he moved to the wilderness. While living in solitude, he was able to exorcise demons and cure illness. He even saw the soul of another monk moving towards heaven.

The Way of a Pilgrim

The Way of a Pilgrim in the Orthodox saints book is an excellent source of prayer techniques and spirituality for a wide audience. Whether you are looking for a way to pray, or if you just want a book to share with a loved one who is not a part of the church, this book is a great choice.

A 19th century Russian pilgrim travels through Russia in search of an interior life. He finds spiritual solace in a prayer of the heart. When he visits an abbot, he is introduced to the Jesus Prayer. This is said to fill the heart with love for all creation. In the process, the pilgrim’s life changes dramatically.

The Way of a Pilgrim is a popular book for priests who use it as a tool to educate the inquirers in the Orthodox Church. It is a book that is able to capture the beauty and meaning of the Orthodox faith.

The Way of a Warrior Martyr

A warrior saint is one who dies for the salvation of others. Often, they hold a cross in their hands and wear red clothing. This is the symbolic blood that they shed for Christ.

These Saints are ideal role models for Orthodox Christians. They are honored as “friends of God” and are granted the privilege of intercession for those still alive on earth.

Many of these Martyrs have relics that are often undefiled. Some are even known to work miracles. When a Saint’s relic is venerated, it is done so in a way that honors the person’s life.

Typical pictures of these Saints show them clasping their hands in agony. They are surrounded by a throng of people who are crying out. It’s also common to see them hugging other people in their time of need.


Vestments are a symbol of Christian religion and the clergy wear special clothing for services. The Orthodox Church uses six liturgical colors. They include blue, green, red, purple, and white.

Each color is used during specific feast days or fasts. For example, white is used during Easter and spring. Green is used for Pentecost and angels. Purple is used for Lent and the Feast of Mary. Blue is worn during the Annunciation, Presentation of the Lord, and the Fasts of Virgins.

In the Orthodox Church, vestments are worn by priests and bishops. They are also worn by deacons. Priests wear a white alb, a belt, a stihar, a narukvice, and a narukki. Deacons also wear an under-vestment, a palitsa, and an orar.

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