Orthodox Saint Quotes to Be Saved

This book contains the sayings of fifty Orthodox saints from all around the world. From Syria, Egypt, Greece, Russia, Serbia, and Montenegro, it is sure to bring a spiritual experience into your life. It also contains sayings of Western Church saints from France and Italy.

Let none lament his poverty

One of the most important principles of Christianity is that we should not be concerned with our own wealth or poverty. Instead, we should seek a relationship with God and other people, and try to help them get to heaven. This is what St. Paul is trying to teach us. Let us consider some examples of saints and how they helped others.

Let none bewail his transgressions

On this day of universal redemption, let us not be afraid of death or sin, poverty, or transgressions. Jesus has risen from the tomb and redeemed us. We do not need to fear death or fear the wrath of God. Death has been defeated, and we can live freely because of His death.

This day is a feast of forgiveness, faith, and love. Let us celebrate the resurrection with gladness and joy. This day should be honored by the poor and the rich alike. We should eat and drink, feasting on the banquet of Faith, the wealth of righteousness, and the forgiveness of our sins. Let us rejoice in the day when the death of our Lord set us free from the dread of death, quenching the hades and embittering them.

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