Is God Watching Me?

Spotting angel numbers like (111,222,333 or 444) or single butterflies flying around you are sure signs that God or your guardian angel are protecting and watching over you.

As it can be easy to forget God is always watching, when we do this we end up pursuing things He doesn’t wish for us.

1. He sees all

The Bible states that God sees everything, which means He sees every action taken by believers or other members of creation that escape His gaze. Furthermore, His eyes witness every good deed done without anyone ever realizing who had witnessed it!

People tempted by temptation may believe they can do wrong without getting caught, thinking no one is looking. Unfortunately, they’re wrong: according to Scripture God always watches over His children (Psalms 94:7) and punishes those who forget Him by engaging in unlawful behavior that offends Him.

God never sleeps; he’s always present and aware of everything going on – ready to offer assistance if necessary. He sees into the future as well as what’s happening now.

God is often watchful over those who do the right thing, as was evident when three Hebrew friends who refused to obey King Saul’s order to worship an idol were cast into a furnace seven times hotter than normal; nevertheless they remained alive because they remembered that He would reward their efforts regardless.

2. He knows everything

Whenever you experience an unusual mystical moment where an invisible force seems to be protecting you, that’s the Lord at work in your life. He knows exactly what’s going on with your life and your thoughts; He never leaves our side! God loves each of us like a parent loves their child and seeks to protect from harm or trouble that could arise; He records every good deed as well; all victories matter just as much to Him as our failures do!

So it is imperative to live a holy and acceptable life before God. The Bible reveals that He is all-knowing; meaning He knows everything that has occurred in history as well as future developments – absolute and unacquirable knowledge that allows Him to judge humanity fairly; He understands our inner thoughts as well as why they have done the things they have.

The wicked often try to dismiss God’s omniscience by asserting, as Job 34:25 indicates, that they think he doesn’t see how the wicked prosper and consume their sin. Yet they fail to see that He knows everything and will ultimately overthrow their schemes against us in due time. Therefore, we should live our lives fearing Him who knows everything, watching out for our wellbeing while orchestrating those plans against us for His greater glory and our own benefit.

3. He knows your every move

As you journey through daily life, God is with you every step of the way. He sees all you do, think and say and knows every plan and purpose for your life – including evil plots of enemies who would try to hinder its path – yet He also knows how best to use these circumstances for both your benefit and His glory.

Though it can be hard to fathom, God cares deeply about each individual – as shown by scripture which states that He knows all your steps and presciently knows your every thought before they even form in your head! According to Scripture He knows what you will say before it ever does happen and knows your thoughts before they have even crossed your mind!

God knows every hair on your head, the number of hours in each day that you spend living here on earth, all your thoughts and all that lies within your mind – before even knowing you were created in your mother’s womb! He sees all these details and finds them pleasing – He calls it good.

People who forget that God is watching can get themselves into serious difficulty, while those aware of His presence tend to be blessed. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego faced death sentences when they refused to bow down to King Nebuchadnezzar’s idol but did not sin because they were aware of His presence. If you find yourself repeatedly seeing angle numbers such as 111222333444455 then take note: it could be God Watching Over You – make sure you tell him about your wishes, ask for His blessings while showing gratitude for everything good that He is doing in your life!

4. He knows your heart

One of the most essential truths to keep in mind when thinking of God is His knowledge of your heart. He sees all your innermost motives and thoughts, both good and bad; He understands your motivations perfectly.

Though it can be disconcerting to think God knows everything you do, His watch over you should not be seen as terrifying but rather comforting. God is your father and wants to ensure your safety just like He monitors His creation to see if it meets its full potential.

Evidence of God can often be seen throughout our daily lives. He shows Himself in the form of friends calling at just the right moment to check on us, or through nature itself reminding us that He cares for birds of the air, animals in the field and plants–just as He cares for you too.

In the Bible, God is often referred to as Elohim – meaning “mighty one”. This term signifies His power over everything in existence, as He created this universe and knows everything therein.

Jesus said this to Pharisees because He knew they sought public approval by following all the rules and trying to impress others; but Jesus saw right through their false front and deceptive hearts to see what was really going on behind their masks. According to Proverbs 21:2, it states that God weighs our hearts so if you want to please God more, focus on your heart rather than worrying what other people think of you.

5. He knows everything about you

The Bible is full of passages that demonstrate God’s all-seeing nature, like Psalm 139:12 where it states that even “in darkness God sees me”. When faced with difficult times it can help to remember that your loving Heavenly Father is always with you and watching out for you.

As tempting as it can be to assume God doesn’t notice our wrongdoings, it is essential that we remember He is watching all we do – even when it seems innocuous or sinful. God sees every action taken against His will – including any attempts at hiding sinful acts from Him. He sees what you’re doing wrong and wants to help turn away from it; at the same time He watches our good deeds: when helping someone stranger or volunteering at homeless shelter; even giving someone some water or making their home better place! He knows every little detail!

God knows all about the plots and schemes your enemies devise against you; He understands their goal is to hinder or even obliterate you; yet He also knows how He will use all things for good; He has an awesome plan in store for you that uses even those that seek to harm or destroy you to accomplish His purposes.

God watching over us can either be comforting or terrifying depending on your perspective. Some see Him as an oppressive figure while others feel comforted knowing their Heavenly Father always watches out for them. If you need comfort, spend some time reading the Bible and praying for strength and direction from Him.

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