How to Get God Back in My Life

i need god back in my life

As with any relationship, rebuilding God back into your life takes time and dedication. He may appear here and there on some days; sometimes you might wonder if He really exists at all!

God doesn’t want you to remain unaware of His will for your life; rather, He encourages you to seek Him and recognize when guidance from Him arrives.

1. Trust Him.

Start trusting God again today if you’ve drifted apart from Him for any length of time; the Bible instructs that our salvation comes through Him, not ourselves (Romans 8:31).

Assume that God is in control and surrender yourself to Him fully; His peace will fill your heart and you’ll find comfort in his guidance. Make an effort to recognize his voice over any others – especially friends or family who might advise otherwise – as each person has personal preferences which could sway their judgement even if they profess faith themselves.

Trust Him because only He has the power to heal your soul, unconditionally loving you as He does so. Trusting in God means being vulnerable in front of others – or yourself. Let him heal any hurt caused by others or yourself in life and take away guilt that weighs heavy on you. He is there for us both in sorrowful times as well.

God wants to guide every aspect of your life, whether that is choosing your career path or spending more time with Him each day. He knows exactly how He wants your life to unfold and has prepared an effective plan that meets all your needs even before you ask!

Start every day off right by talking with God and reading the Bible – even just for five minutes at first is sufficient – and gradually increase how much time you devote to Him over time. Doing this will keep your spiritual bond strong throughout your day, keeping God at the forefront of your thoughts may even help keep tasks completed more quickly since He can provide motivation and motivational assistance when needed.

2. Talk to Him.

Talking to God (also known as prayer) is a vital part of many religious and spiritual traditions. There’s no right or wrong way to pray: whether out loud, silently or writing down your thoughts and prayers – the best way to connect with your maker is finding an environment in which it’s easy to be silent and focus on your thoughts.

Imagine that God is your close friend; talk freely to Him about your fears, desires, hurts and thanks as well as praise Him with respect like you would any good friend – He’ll listen and even teach or help!

God often communicates through the Bible and other written sources, so reading and studying the Word is vital to hearing His voice and comprehending what He’s telling you. Sometimes God also uses the Holy Spirit directly, so taking notes when He does can help keep what was said fresh in mind.

God may also use your friends or church members to contact you with something, or something you see on TV or newspaper might cause your heartbeat to quicken, as a sure sign it’s from Him. In these instances, pray over it or compare its significance against scripture or church teaching to make sure it truly comes from Him.

Try connecting with God by spending time in nature or attending church services. Many of Jesus’ closest relationships were formed while walking and conversing with people daily, just as you should spend some time each day speaking to and walking alongside Him. You have this same ability too – take time each day for this.

3. Ask for His guidance.

When making decisions, it is wise to consult God first for guidance. This includes reading Scripture, praying frequently and seeking the counsel of other Christians – “Those who walk with the wise shall become wise, while those who walk with the foolish will become fools” (Proverbs 12:15). Additionally, He may guide your decisions through providential circumstances – for instance when Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery in Egypt which resulted in prison time – He directed Joseph by God to take advantage of this situation which saved his family from starvation!

Just remember it’s okay to admit when you don’t know what’s best; God alone knows best. James in James 1:5 tells us this when he writes, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask God who gives generously without reproach; and it will be given him” (James 1:5).

When seeking God’s guidance, it is also essential not to rely too heavily on external signs and coincidences. He does not write his answer on a sheet of paper in heaven but speaks through His Word, church communities, and Holy Spirit; He will open doors–or close them as necessary. God will bring conversations, information and opportunities your way. He’ll impress on your heart what steps are needed and guide your steps accordingly. Once His direction becomes clear to you, don’t wait a second longer to take action! That way you’ll grow closer to Him. Trusting in His perfect will is key; then loving Him more means wanting to give everything He asks of you in return!

4. Give it to Him.

Your mind may be consumed with what you need or desire, such as wanting a job, dream car or promotion; worrying about health of loved ones; fearing the future etc. When worshipping Him through our trials spiritual chains can break. Worshipping Him makes the suffering worth your while; when Paul and Silas sang hymns from prison: “All things work together for good for those who love Christ (Romans 8:28)

Learn to give everything over to God. That doesn’t mean you won’t have responsibilities or tasks to fulfill; rather, live each day in submission to His will and with Him at the center. When He prompts you to do something – be it cleaning your room or calling on a friend to look after your dog while you’re away on vacation – take note. It is good.

Start each day right. Surround yourself with encouraging people, listen to podcasts and read books that speak truth into your life, or just simply need an outlet! Allowing yourself to feel supported through such means will help you to learn to cast all your cares on Him, big or small, on an ongoing basis – something which eventually becomes second nature to you. Don’t wait until school, work, marriage or retirement for this process to happen; God deserves nothing less! Start now if this is what it means to honor Him fully.

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