How Powerful Is God?

how powerful is god

The Bible describes God as all-powerful, which implies He has unrestricted power to accomplish anything He pleases. As evidence of this claim is His ability to cause anything He wishes.

Creation demonstrates God’s infinite capacity. His strength even extends to humans as He uses us to accomplish His will.

He is the Creator

God created heaven and the universe along with everything that inhabits them – angels included. He is responsible for creating all life on Earth and exerts an auspicious dominion over it all. God is known for his incredible strength; with it comes his ability to restore life when people fall ill or die suddenly.

Though God possesses infinite power, He remains restrained by his nature. For instance, He cannot lie, die, or make two and two equal five; nor can He go back on His word – examples of this power can be seen through Creation and Old Testament miracles.

He parted the Red Sea so Israel could flee Egypt, inflicted ten plagues upon it to demonstrate His power over its army, and freed His people. Additionally, He displayed His might when He destroyed Jericho’s walls with His divine might.

God possesses the ability to maintain all that exists. He made the universe via speech (Genesis 1:1), and continues to sustain it today – the only One capable of doing this and worthy of worship as the most powerful being on Earth. Nothing else compares.

He is the All-Powerful God

People who believe in God believe He is omnipotent, or all-powerful. This characteristic demonstrates His divine might as nothing is too difficult for Him. His strength extends far beyond mere might – His knowledge, wisdom, righteousness, love and holiness all exist freely without boundaries or boundaries being set on their path toward carrying out God’s sovereign plan for creation.

Scripture contains many examples of God’s omnipotence. One such instance was God sending the ten plagues against Egypt to free His people; another grand display is Jesus Christ’s resurrection – both demonstrate God’s great power!

God may be all-powerful, but that doesn’t mean He can do whatever He pleases; only His nature and purposes know to Him can guide his decisions.

Skeptics sometimes make fun of this claim by asking nonsensical questions that challenge its veracity, such as, “Can an all-powerful Christian God create a stone too heavy for Him to lift?” Such questions are incoherent since God cannot act contrary to his logic or moral nature, which would violate both His moral nature as well as theirs logical foundations. Dystheism (the belief that God doesn’t want or can’t act for good in the world).

He is the All-Knowing God

God’s power is beyond comprehension for us because He knows everything that has ever occurred and will ever occur, from what happened in history to future events – He even knows what’s inside every electron circling each proton of every atom in existence at any given time (Psalms 139:4)! Additionally, He also knows the number of hairs on every head and each sparrow that falls to earth each day! Furthermore, He has foreknowledge of future happenings affecting each of us personally – this means the devil cannot thwart God’s plans – hence his eternal confinement (Revelation 20:10)!

God owns everything He created – His omnipotence makes this clear! – and can do with it what He pleases. History bears witness to this truth, whereby empires were destroyed or punished when refusing to acknowledge His authority. If necessary, He can even bring heavens tumbling down! His power cannot be stopped!

He is the All-Loving God

The Bible describes God as an All-Loving Being and this description holds true today. Additionally, His all-powerful nature enables Him to love his creations and care for their wellbeing; He can do what ever is in accordance with His nature and for reasons He knows best.

God has repeatedly demonstrated His all-powerful nature throughout history. For instance, He used His ability to bring forth creation out of nothing (Genesis 1); bring down Jericho walls; part the Red Sea; raise Jesus from death – just to name a few examples!

However, this doesn’t imply that He can act in ways which contradict His nature or violate it in any way – for instance making two plus two equal five, lying or violating our faith are actions He cannot take as He must always remain loving and truthful. When we allow Him to use his power for good causes in our lives and surrender all to Him He can work miracles within and through us! He’s more powerful than any of the forces against us!

He is the All-Preserving God

God is an omnipotent being, which gives Him ultimate control to maintain our universe and ensure its stability. This power stems from Him possessing all qualities associated with omnipotence: knowledge, omnipresence and unlimited strength and power.

The Bible makes clear that God, as the ultimate source of power in this universe, possesses unlimited capacity to create, destroy or preserve all aspects of existence in this world – including humanity – whom He created in His image (Genesis 1:26-27). Furthermore, He possesses the capacity to preserve human life; those who trust in Him will be raised from death (1 Corinthians 6:14).

God revealed His immense strength by sending ten plagues upon Egypt to free His people from slavery (Exodus 7-10). Additionally, He ordered that Jericho’s walls crumble within one day (Joshua 6) and later raised Him from death (Acts 3:10-4).

God is all-powerful as evidenced by his many miracles such as healings (Mark 16:17-18), feeding thousands (Mark 6:30-34) and raising the dead (John 11:43). Although His power may appear unlimited, its scope has limits.

He is the All-Forgiving God

God is at the core of forgiveness. Unlike other worldviews that require individuals to work hard at earning salvation or their forgiveness, His power and unconditional love allow Him to create new species, make each person grow wings or hold up this 13 billion-pound planet with ease.

God is both powerful and morally perfect; this cannot be reconciled as moral perfection does not necessitate acting wrongfully, yet that does not render Him helpless.

As Joseph’s brothers attempted to murder and sell him into slavery, he responded with remarkable patience and kindness – even inviting them all to Egypt so that he could provide for them. And in the Bible we see both God’s inflexible justice as well as His power to save those who put their trust in Him – such as Herod and Pontius Pilate when they tried to execute Jesus but ended up serving His purposes instead! God can do the same for us today: put your trust in Him and He will deliver from sin and death while bringing about resurrection of believers!

He is the All-Holy God

Christians who proclaim God as all-powerful or omnipotent mean that He holds ultimate control of all things and is therefore the source of all power. He can create, maintain and carry out his sovereign plan for creation with ultimate power. Furthermore, His strength, wisdom, love, holiness are limitless as demonstrated through His actions; The Apostle’s Creed states “God the Father Almighty Creator of heavens and earth,” affirming this fact.

The Bible is filled with examples of God’s omnipotence. He can heal, perform miracles, forgive sins and grant eternal life – as demonstrated by many wonders He performed such as parting the Red Sea and sending plagues upon Egypt from Old Testament passages; His all-powerfulness also shines brightly throughout New Testament writings such as miraculous healings for his followers in New Testament writings such as Hebrews 7 and 9.

God is supreme because He created the universe and is alone capable of understanding its workings. He controls every aspect, from nature’s laws to human emotion. He can view the whole cosmos at once and knows exactly what’s happening – not being affected by other’s decisions nor subject to emotion-based influences.

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