African Saints and Black Eagles

African saints are the people of our faith who have a special place in our hearts. The lives of these saints inspire us in our spiritual journey. From Moses the Black to Athanasius, you can learn more about the lives of these holy men and women. You can also find out about their contributions to our faith, their virtues, and their works for humanity.

St. Moses the Black

Saint Moses the Black is an Ethiopian black saint. He is considered the patron saint of forgiveness. His legacy is a testament to the power of God’s mercy. In fact, the modern interpretation of his life focuses on his role as an apostle of nonviolence.

The Orthodox Church honors the saint for his life, but it also celebrates him for his writings. This includes a dogmatic theses authored by St. Moses, which states that the Orthodox Church teaches that the world is not created to benefit a select few. Rather, all peoples are called to the Kingdom of Christ.

There are many black Orthodox saints. Their lives are well-documented in the New Testament. It’s no wonder, given their piety, dedication and sacrificial love for Christ. Some of the most renowned are: Cyprian of Carthage, Mother Katherine Weston, Peter C. Bouteneff, Anthony Davis, Simon Menya and many others.

In fact, Moses is a notable member of the orthodox church. Although he did not attain a doctrinal position, he earned a place in the hearts of Christians with his courage and kindness.

St. Athanasius

St Athanasius of Africa is regarded as a saint, a teacher and a theologian. He is credited with being one of the most prominent defenders of the Christian faith. The Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Coptic Orthodox churches venerate him as a Saint.

St Athanasius was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 296. His parents were devout Christians. At an early age, he began to study the Bible and received a traditional education. He was later ordained as a deacon.

After becoming a priest, Athanasius became the leader of the Orthodox Church. He wrote extensively on theology and religious texts. During his lifetime, he was a strong opponent of Arianism. In the fourth century, the church suffered from a number of attacks by the Arians.

Among his most important writings are four books on the history of the Arians. Also, his apologetic works are highly regarded by various Christian denominations. These include Four Orations Against the Arians, Apology for His Flight, and History of the Arians.

St. Anna Ali

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Abba Akaweh

Abba ‘ebelo, Abba hor, Abba pawl, Abba ‘absadi, Abba bifamon, and Abba nob were martyrs. Their lives spanned from the second century to the fourth. They are also known as the Six Holy Martyrs.

Abba ‘ebelo was a shepherd. He was the disciple of St. Peter. His mother was Theophanian, and his father was a pagan. He was an orthodox Christian. Upon his death, he was buried outside Alexandria. During his lifetime, he was a shepherd, and later a bishop. After his death, he was sent into exile. In the meantime, he had to give up his priesthood.

The other seven martyrs were: BAN A, BIFAMON, HORO, PAUL, TIMOTHY, and NICOLAUS. These saints are all Christian. It is said that their holy water is healing for the sick.

On the day of tekemt, abba ‘ebelo died. This day was also the day of the Ascension of ENOCH into heaven. Several other saints were martyred on the same day, including ELI AS, ‘absadi the bishop, and ‘eli.

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