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St. Thalassios the Libyan: If you share secretly the joy of someone you envy . . .

Icon of St. Thalassios the Libyan“If you share secretly in the joy of someone you envy, you will be freed from your jealousy; and you will also be freed from your jealousy if you keep silent about the person you envy.”

+ St. Thalassios the Libyan, β€œOn Love, Self-Control and Life in Accordance with the Intellect,” 3.57, The Philokalia: The Complete Text (Vol. 2)

St. John Climicus: Some people with a hot temper do not worry . . .

Icon of St. John Climicus“Some people with a hot temper do not worry about it and ignore the remedies that would heal them. They forget, unfortunately, what is written:’ Surely anger kills the fool, and jealousy slays the simple,’ (Job 5:2).”

— St. John Climacus