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St. John Chrysostom: Let us always guard our tongue . . .

Icon of St. John Chrysostom“Let us always guard our tongue; not that it should always be silent, but that it should speak at the proper time.”

— St. John Chrysostom

St. Jerome: Dwell not in the temple of idols . . .

Icon of St. Jerome”Dwell not in the temple of idols . . . Do you not hear the great St. Paul, who says in other words, ‘Do not read either the pagan philosophers, or the orators, or the poets; do not repose in the study of their works.’ Let us not be too confident that we shall not believe the things we read. It is a crime to drink at the same time of the chalice of Jesus Christ and that of the demons.”

— St. Jerome

St. John of the Ladder: A discerning man, when he eats grapes . . .

St. John Climicus“A good grape-picker, who eats the ripe grapes, will not start gathering unripe ones. A charitable and sensible mind takes careful note of whatever virtues it sees in anyone. But a fool looks for faults and defects. And of such it is said: ‘They have searched out iniquity and expired in the search.’

Do not condemn, even if you see with your eyes, for they are often deceived ”

— St. John of the Ladder, Ladder of Divine Ascent, Steps 10.16-17