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St. Isaac the Syrian: I beg and beesech you . . .

Icon of St. Isaac the SyrianI beg and beesech you, Lord: grant to all who have gone astray a true knowledge of you, so that each and every one may come to know your glory.

+ St. Isaac the Syrian, from The Prayers of St. Isaac the Syrian

St. Gennadius of Constantinople: To judge sins is the business of one who is sinless . . .

Icon of St. Gennadius“To judge sins is the business of one who is sinless, but who is sinless except God? Who ever thinks about the multitude of his own sins in his heart never wants to make the sins of others a topic of conversation. To judge a man who has gone astray is a sign of pride, and God resists the proud. On the other hand, one who every hour prepares himself to give answer for his own sins will not quickly lift up his head to examine the mistakes of others.”

— St. Gennadius of Constantinople, The Golden Chain, 53-55